Savvas Chamberlain

Savvas Chamberlain, FCAE

Chairman and Founder, DALSA Corporation (Waterloo, ON)

April 29, 2009

Dr. Savvas Chamberlain founded DALSA in 1980. He was the CEO from its inception until August 2007. Presently at DALSA, as an Executive Chairman, has the duties of the CTO and Chairman of the Board.

Under his leadership DALSA has grown worldwide from a few employees to more than 1,000 employees with revenues of approximately $200 million per annum. During his tenure as CEO he was responsible for corporate strategy, strategic technology direction, long-term planning, and setting the direction of the company’s culture.

He was educated in England and has M.Sc. and PhD degrees from Southampton University. He is highly regarded as a pioneer in the field of digital imaging, Dr. Chamberlain has a background as a scientist and Professor at the University of Waterloo, where he taught and conducted research in the field of Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits for over 25 years. His industrial experience includes research work with IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center and other companies. He has published more than 150 papers in scientific journals in the area of CCDs, MOSFET’s and silicon semiconductor devices and has authored and co-authored more than 20 patents.

He has been awarded several honors, including: In 1991 he was elected Fellow of IEEE; in 1993 he received the ITAC/ NSERC award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to academic research in information technology; in 2004 he received the Automated Imaging Association Life Time Achievement award for World Industry Leadership in imaging; and in April 2007 he was awarded the Ontario Premier’s Catalyst award for lifetime achievement in innovation; in June 2007 was awarded an Honourary Doctor of Engineering Degree by the University of Waterloo for his industrial contributions.

Dr. Chamberlain makes his home in Waterloo, Ontario. He has three children and four grandchildren. He enjoys outdoor pursuits – walking and hiking. He likes classical music, Greek literature, Greek music, live theatre and opera.

Role: Panel Member
Report: Innovation and Business Strategy: Why Canada Falls Short (April 2009)