Luciana Duranti

Luciana Duranti

Chair and Professor, Archival Studies, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)

February 4, 2015

Luciana Duranti holds many titles. In addition to teaching archival theory, diplomatics, and the management of digital records in the University of British Columbia’s archival graduate programs, she is also Faculty Associate Member of the UBC College for Interdisciplinary Studies’ Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC); Affiliate Full Professor at the University of Washington’s iSchool; Director of the Centre for the International Study of Contemporary Records and Archives (CISCRA); Director of InterPARES, the largest and longest-living publicly funded research project on the long-term preservation of authentic electronic records (1998–2018); Director of the Digital Records Forensics Project; Director of the Records in the Clouds Project; and co-Director of “The Law of Evidence in the Digital Environment” Project. Her research also explores issues of copyright and long-term preservation in the context of universities’ institutional digital repositories; the impact of the digital economy on the keeping of records; and issues related to keeping records online. She has published more than 120 refereed articles and five books, while the research projects she has directed have produced more than 3,000 publications. She is also on the editorial board of five peer-review journals.

Dr. Duranti is active nationally and internationally in several archival associations, and on boards and committees such as the UNESCO International Advisory Committee of the Memory of the World Program (for which she chaired the 2012 Conference Program Committee); the Canadian and American National Standards Committee for Records Management as well as the International Standards Organization Committee on the same matters; and the China Research Centre on Electronic Records Board. Dr. Duranti’s many awards include the Faculty Association’s Academic of the Year Award (1999), the Emmett Leahy Award (2006), the British Columbia Innovation Council Award (2006), the Killam Research Prize (2006), the Jacob Biely Research Prize (2007), and the inaugural ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) International “Award for Academic Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Contribution to the Global Citizenry” (2012).

Dr. Duranti received her Dottorato (Master’s equivalent) in Lettere (Arts) from the Universitá di Roma and her Diploma di Archivista-Paleografo (PhD equivalent) from Scuola Speciale per Archivisti e Bibliotecari of the Universitá di Roma.

Role: Panel Member
Report: Leading in the Digital World: Opportunities for Canada's Memory Institutions (February 2015)