Eleanor Willoughby

Eleanor Willoughby

Research Associate, Marine Geophysics Group, Department of Physics, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)

July 7, 2008

Eleanor Willoughby is a Research Associate in the Marine Geophysics Group at the University of Toronto where her research has focused on the development of new methodologies for the resource evaluation of marine gas hydrates. More specifically, Dr. Willoughby has worked on the application of two new techniques used to identify marine gas hydrates: seafloor compliance, and controlled-source electromagnetics (CSEM). She is currently working on the research and development of a fully fibreoptically linked, multi-receiver marine controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) array. Applications of the CSEM array include towed surveys and monitoring of the gas hydrate-associated cold vent with the NEPTUNE networked seafloor observatory.

Dr. Willoughby obtained her PhD in Physics (Marine Geophysics) from the University of Toronto (2003) and subsequently joined the Geological Survey of Canada as a Visiting Fellow. Her other research interests include investigating the relationship between seismicity and slip on oceanic transform faults and the application of time-domain electromagnetic methods to image sub-permafrost gas hydrate deposits.

Dr. Willoughby is co-editor of the up-coming Society of Exploration Geophysics volume on geophysical methods for gas hydrate exploration

Role: Panel Member
Report: Energy from Gas Hydrates: Assessing the Opportunities and Challenges for Canada (July 2008)