Sue Molloy, FCAE, Chair

Sue Molloy, FCAE, Chair

President, Glas Ocean Electric; Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS)

Sue Molloy, PhD, P.Eng., holds a PhD in Naval Architectural and Ocean Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland and holds undergraduate degrees from Concordia University and the University of Waterloo.

A Canadian immigrant from Ireland, Sue Molloy has lived in five different Canadian cities and has made her home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sue founded and is the current CEO of Glas Ocean Electric (GOE), a Nova Scotia-based award-winning company that is seeking ways to electrify marine vessels to reduce emissions during operation and provide vehicle-to-grid opportunities. GOE has won multiple awards for building projects in the clean technology space and in 2021 received the Lieutenant Governor’s award for Excellence in Engineering for converting a fishing boat to electric propulsion while measuring the emissions and underwater impacts of electrification.

Sue Molloy is an Adjunct Professor at Dalhousie University and specializes in sustainable ocean engineering research and education. Her academic research has included studies on tidal power and turbine/fish interactions. She is a former elected council member of Engineers Nova Scotia and former co-chair for Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Discovery Grant program. Ms. Molloy is an active reviewer for the US Department of Energy, Canadian national funding programs, and several journals. She won the IEC 1906 award in 2020 for her contributions to the development of international standards and, is a chair and member of standards committees in the IEC and ISO. Ms. Molloy is currently the Canadian Chair of ISO TC 8, Ships and Marine Technology and is the international convenor for the IEC committee focused on river turbine performance.

Sue Molloy has been an invited speaker, panelist and moderator on ocean engineering topics for several industry, academic, and outreach events over the years, and will give the prestigious Canada Ocean Lecture for 2021. Throughout her work in industry and academia, Sue Molloy enthusiastically supports women in engineering and energy fields.